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DoctorsManagement, LLC Announces Acquisition of Rose Shattuck and Associates

Knoxville, Tennessee, May 14, 2018

Healthcare consulting firm DoctorsManagement announced today the acquisition of Rose Shattuck and Associates (RSA), a healthcare consulting firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina. DoctorsManagement has acquired RSA’s assets and customer contracts and the merged businesses will operate under the DoctorsManagement brand.

As the healthcare industry continues to roll out complex regulatory and insurance mandates, physician practices and hospitals are seeking ways to offset rising operational costs and dwindling reimbursement. DoctorsManagement responds to the increase in demand for services to help healthcare organizations overcome mounting complexities by continually expanding the breadth and depth of service offerings.

“Helping clients streamline operations to improve quality of service and increase profitability continues to be the ultimate goal of our organization,” said Mr. Paul King, President, DoctorsManagement, LLC. “Coding and compliance is one of the cornerstone components of long-term viability for any healthcare organization.”

“I couldn’t be more excited about this relationship,” stated Rose Shattuck, President and CEO of Rose Shattuck and Associates, LLC. “The future of health care depends on the ability of healthcare organizations to navigate the onslaught of new regulatory and insurance mandates. The confusion and frustration in healthcare organizations is adding to what is an already demanding schedule for providers.”

Both firms have enjoyed long-standing relationships with clients, many of which have spanned decades. The union of these two forces will help healthcare professionals stay current with the ever-changing industry demands and regulations. Ms. Shattuck reports that clients are excited about the access to additional services along with the extensive educational opportunities offered by DoctorsManagement. Shattuck will continue to service clients from the firm’s Raleigh, North Carolina office.

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