Audit and Documentation Reviews

Audit and Documentation Reviews

What can you expect from your coding and compliance audit and documentation reviews?

Our team conducts a review of your coding and documentation procedures in a manner that closely simulates an actual carrier audit. Our team will review and analyze the documentation provided and compare the coding for each service. Regardless of the specialty or practice type,

CMS is utilized as the National Benchmark as most carriers follow their guidance, but each client may request specific deviation from carrier specific rules. Our audit reviews are completely customized for every client to meet the action plan and need or the project. This is the unique approach at DoctorsManagement.

We help you every step of the way from determining the sample size selection, providing a concise report of findings, and providing customized education for providers and staff.

Our team is here to support your team to make the audit and review a successful project and not just a checklist on your compliance to-do list.

Remember, we can start with a smaller sample size and work out from there, let us walk you through that. Analysis reports are a deliverable with all audits, but beyond the analysis many providers do not use the full audit report- maybe it’s time to streamline your budget and use these ONLY for those providers with deficient precision ratings. Covid taught us that remote training works, but the other solution it taught us at DM is group trainings also work, provided deficient precision rating providers are met with one-on-one. Let us customize a plan for you that better fits your goals and streamlines expenses.

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