Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Healthcare analytics is the process of analyzing current and historical healthcare data to predict trends, improve outreach, and better manage patient outcomes. The field offers insights on both the macro and micro level and can reveal paths to improvement in patient care, diagnosis, clinical data, quality, and business management.

When combined with business intelligence and data visualization, healthcare analytics help managers to improve operations by providing real-time information that can support decisions and deliver actionable insights.

From regulatory and policy changes to increasing customer engagement, the healthcare environment continues to require healthcare leadership to adapt their strategies. We must stay ahead of the trends impacting healthcare businesses and the most impactful way to do this is by utilizing data analytics. 

Learn to be proactive with your healthcare data. Read more on the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics division page. Or, to learn about our Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) platform, click here.

Healthcare categories of data for collection and parsing include: costs and claims, clinical data, and research and development, and clinical data. Healthcare analytics can help providers leverage data for insights in several areas of operations including optimizing management efforts. For many healthcare providers, organizing and tracking expenses and activity is vital for setting appropriate goals.

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