Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare IT Services

In the early 2000’s It became apparent that there was a need in the medical community for an IT support team that understands the needs of medical practices. 

Our trained and certified network engineers are experts at delivering medical IT support for your medical practice. We offer a wide range of IT services including remote monitoring, business continuity, security, cloud, helpdesk, leasing and more. Our network engineers are experts at delivering medical IT support for your medical practice.

Knowledge of medical practices, such as electronic health records, MIPS, HIPAA rules, HIPAA security, interfaces, and other industry standards are what sets us apart. Our Engineers have Health Information Technology and HIPAA Certifications in addition to various Microsoft and CompTIA certifications.

Our market share is spread throughout the United States with a heavy client base in the Southeast since that is where we started.  We have clients as far as Alaska, Texas, Nevada, and many other locations. We have the ability to maintain a strong focus on HIPAA and Cyber Security, and our knowledge of the medical/healthcare industry. Preventing IT issues from negatively impacting patient flow and patient care is our number one goal.  Healthcare IT and medical IT services include:

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is crucial. We help you plan next steps  if your lost, stolen, or encrypted data was not able to be restored. 

Solution design

Solution packages can include hardware, software, licensing, and associated consolidation of data.  We will help you decide the best and most effective solution for the organization. In addition to design we can purchase, configure, and deploy these solutions.

Ticketing System

AutoTask PSA system is used for all ticket logging, documentation, and ticket resolution.  It is web based for client access to view New, In Progress, and Closed tickets

End User Remote Support

We offer a fully staffed help desk that utilizes cutting edge remote management and utilizes access tools that allow them to assist at all times.

Reporting and Communication

We can report on all aspects of the equipment, including asset management, virus protection, patching, etc.  

Cyber Security

We take security very seriously and offer a full SOC and SIEM for security, including virus protection, ransomware prevention/remediation, SPAM and Virus Filtering, DNS Protection, Dark Web Monitoring and Staff Security Awareness Training. 

Mobile Device Management

Our solution provides flexible approaches for enrollment, asset management, policy enforcement and the distribution of profiles, apps and docs, all based on device ownership.

Services may also include:

  • Establish Phone System (VOIP)
  • Architects and Contractor provision to consult on IT Network design
  • Investigate options for Internet- Need Physical Address
  • Quote Hardware and overall initial project needs based on Clinical & Billing software Email Setup
  • Order and Configure hardware
  • Onboarding and PC agent deployment
  • Fully document network
  • Ongoing “Go-Live” Support

For detailed information contact: Steve Platti, CISSP HCISPP HiTrust CCSFP CHQP, and Network Security Engineer, DoctorsManagement, LLC at 865-635-4040.

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