Office-Based Surgery Startup

Gain Control Over Your Schedule

And Increase Surgery Revenue

The single largest regret our clients have once their office-based surgery (OBS) center is up and running is that they didn’t startup sooner!

For physicians seeking ways to offset declining revenues with services that enhance the patient experience, office-based surgery services are an ideal solution. With improvements in equipment, technology and techniques, physicians can now perform complex surgical invasive procedures in their own office-based suite while maintaining the highest standards of patient safety.

As a full-service consulting firm that employs experienced healthcare professionals, we have developed a system for surgical center success that avoids wasted time and missed revenue. From the scope of services and level of physician involvement to licensure and staffing needs, we reduce the time to build and start up an efficient, scalable infrastructure to support your immediate and long-term goals.

Whether you are just getting started or interested in taking your existing center to new levels of efficiency, compliance and profitability, our team can help. We manage every aspect of setup including the development of surgical service line offerings based on patient demographics. We provide support for navigating state guidelines, protocols and procedures for consent, compliance management, policy manuals, infection and safety controls, and emergency management. You also receive customized risk management and compliance manuals, employee manuals, staff training, marketing recommendations and guidance, as well as the option for ongoing management services to promote continued growth.

Our commitment to delivering measurable results for clients is the foundation on which we’ve built our business since 1956. Contact us to learn how you can increase your surgery revenue and gain control over your schedule.

In the words of one client…

“Our consultant’s performance was exceptional. She not only helped us build one of the first office-based IR centers from the ground up, she was also responsible for clinical development and growth, staff training, and providing an environment where safe and effective patient care was always a top priority. She led us through six years of perfect state inspections for Level II Office Based Surgery accreditation.”

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