Physician Recruiting Services

Physician Recruiting Services

In response to the ever-growing challenges and demands for medical professionals, DoctorsManagement has affiliated with a highly respected physician-recruiting firm to provide physician recruiting services to medical practices, clinics, and hospitals nationwide. Our services include recruitment of physicians, both in primary care and in most specialties.

We bring over 50 years of serving the needs of medical practices and offer you advantages when it comes to physician recruitment:

Competitive Recruitment Fees – Our fees are often lower than the rates offered by large physician recruitment companies.

Physician recruitment services include:

  • Recruitment of experienced physicians – both in primary care and in most specialties – for clients seeking to add a new physician partner or physician employee.
  • Placement of physician clients who are seeking new opportunities themselves. · Capability to place physicians in all states – urban and rural settings.
  • Service to physician practices and clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, home health, and educational facilities.
  • Pre-screening of candidates including background, licensure, education, certifications, OIG, and references.
  • Candidate sourcing from top physician databases, industry contacts, and from select partner recruitment agencies offering a pool of thousands of physicians.
  • Arrangement of site visits and interviews for prospective candidates.

Contact our director of human resources to learn how you can benefit from our professional recruiting experience in the healthcare industry.

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