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DoctorsManagement offers you a full range of professional newsletter management services. Our healthcare business writers have extensive experience who previously have worked for major publications, and have reached hundreds of thousands of healthcare management professionals.

We are flexible in how we produce your newsletter. We can do as much or as little of the writing and production as you’d like.

For instance, you can have our healthcare business writers produce the entire newsletter and write all of your articles. Or if you prefer to do the writing or are on a tight budget, you can supply your own articles and have our editors proof them and apply a little polish, if necessary. Or you can do anything in-between: you may have us write a portion of your articles, and you write the remainder.

How we write your articles

Our team puts together their articles in a similar manner that a newspaper or magazine reporter would, with one major difference. As a leader in the medical practice consulting for more than 60 years, DoctorsManagement has an in-house team of consultants and industry specialists that also serve as a source for newsletter articles. As a result, our writers have access not only to non-DM experts across the industry, but also to professionals who work in every aspect of the business of medicine day in and day out. Your articles will be based on current trends in healthcare as well as real-world examples of solutions to everyday challenges.

The end result is an article that is interesting and engaging, as well as highly informative. The articles we write are comparable to the style and quality of the articles you might find in a business magazine or the business section of a major daily newspaper. See an example by reading any of the Business of Medicine Newsletters, our own report on the current state of healthcare trends and solutions.