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We Understand That Your Revenue Depends Upon Our Response Time

Whether you’re starting a new practice or expanding a solo or multi-specialty medical practice, our team moves quickly to get you credentialed with the necessary payers. We also do enrollment for providers of community hospitals and work with a wide variety of specialties including dental practices. We keep you in the communication loop without overwhelming you with details.

Transparent Communication and Fast Response Time

Unfortunately, we hear countless stories from providers about their experience with credentialing vendors who either: forgot to submit their application; missed a crucial step in the process; or simply won’t return their phone calls. These setbacks are unacceptable and you deserve better!

At DoctorsManagement, we work diligently to help you begin receiving payment as quickly as possible.

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Full Service Provider Enrollment Services Include

  • Full Credentialing/Enrollment: Our staff handles it all. We will complete all of the necessary Medicare forms and applications, CAQH, NPI enrollment, Medicaid and other third-party payer applications.
  • Revalidation: We can complete the task of getting the provider(s) and/or group revalidated with Medicare by processing all of the necessary paperwork.
Reduce Your Compliance Burdens with Trusted and Reliable Experts

The demands on today’s healthcare professionals are overwhelming. Not only are you expected to achieve clinical excellence and patient satisfaction, but you must also meet financial and operational objectives. This requires more work than ever before.

With DoctorsManagement, you receive bi-weekly updates – plus a post-credentialing resources book that contains those “hard-to-find” forms for the next time you need to credential or revalidate.

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