The following case studies demonstrate how DoctorsManagement works with clients in a broad range of specialties and at various stages of their development to help them achieve professional and financial success.

Because of the nature of our business, the case studies below contain no specific details about our clients.

Ophthalmology Practice Revenue Up 20%+ Year-to-Year

A successful family-owned ophthalmology practice had served a rural community for 25 years when the owner’s son, also an ophthalmologist, proposed they expand the business. The father-son team agreed to grow the practice with the contingency that they maintain their existing high-quality service and family-oriented environment. They contacted DoctorsManagement for assistance.

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Podiatry Group Exceeds 40% Profit Margin

A podiatry group with five doctors, a physical therapist, and six locations contacted DoctorsManagement (DM). The group’s profits were less than 30% and revenue was stagnant. The lack of structure inhibited their ability to take advantage of growth opportunities. In addition, tension between the providers created turmoil among staff and reduced productivity. One of the biggest challenges for DM was to implement operational and financial systems without disrupting productivity.

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Orthopedic Practice Increases Profits by 80%

The owner of a two-physician orthopedic practice faced a crossroads when his partner announced his retirement. After examining various growth opportunities, and a failed attempt to merge with another group, the physician turned to DoctorsManagement (DM).

DM presented a strategic plan to help the physician achieve his long-term business goals of creating a phenomenal corporate culture while positioning his practice for growth. The plan, which was broken out into manageable steps, ensured that the practice could build a solid infrastructure with clear systems and benchmarks to track results.

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Internal Medicine Practice – Income up by 385%

A husband and wife team was struggling to run their internal medicine practice. Situated in a low-traffic area in a southeastern town with a population under 7,000, the practice was run by the physician’s wife, a doctor of pharmacy.

The physician and his wife were stressed and discouraged. The practice lacked financial and operational systems to support growth. The staff was confused and frustrated and the physician and his wife were not sure whether their practice would survive long term. That’s when they turned to DoctorsManagement.

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ENT Physician Builds a Successful Practice Fresh Out of Fellowship

An ENT physician fresh out of fellowship was interested in starting a new practice. He contacted DoctorsManagement with aspirations of building a thriving ENT practice in a small community within a medium-size city with just under a quarter million in population.
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Struggling OB/GYN Practice Gains Control of Profits and Its Future

Behind the appearance of a thriving OB/GYN practice with an enviable number of patients was an overwhelmed physician. His business was spinning out of control, and he had neither the time nor the expertise to address the dwindling profits and declining patient satisfaction.
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Dermatology Group Achieves Steady, Robust Growth

Two dermatologists contacted DoctorsManagement (DM) after their practice manager left abruptly and they suspected employee theft. Having practiced in a large town in the Southeast for several years, the doctors were unsure of how to handle the situation.
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Two Ophthalmologists Gain Confidence to Grow Through Acquisitions

In 1996, two ophthalmologists practicing together contacted DoctorsManagement. Like many practices that call the firm, they were seeking outside help with managing their practice. The physician owners were dissatisfied with the current state of their practice, yet they had a vision to grow it into a thriving business and offer patients the most progressive services available.
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Neurology Practice: Success is a state of mind!

In March 2014, a neurology practice with seven adult and two pediatric neurologists approached DoctorsManagement (DM). With neurology reimbursements on the decline, stress among the physicians had grown and dampened their ability to move the practice toward stability. Having unsuccessfully worked with two consulting firms in the past, the physicians were skeptical that any firm could help them.
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Academic Institution Reduces RBPA Costs by $170,000

A 450-physician academic institution was spending 35% of their compliance budget on conducting retrospective baseline probe audits (RBPA). The audit process was instrumental in the development of their compliance plan. They conducted 60 chart audits on each of the 450 physicians every two years, requiring 27,000 charts to be audited.
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How DoctorsManagement Helped One Practice Save $59,000 a Year

By connecting a cardiology group in the southeastern US to one of our GPO partners, the practice saved over $59,000 in one year on their sestamibi purchases!

The practice was using a nationwide nuclear pharmacy to order its sestamibi (a pharmaceutical agent used in nuclear medicine imaging). Without being connected to a GPO contract, however, they were missing out on substantial savings. The client continues to use the same vendor and the same process to order their supplies. The only difference is the significant savings they now receive as a result of being connected to a GPO contract!

Practice Saves Over $9,000 a Year with PowerBuying

A busy eye care center in central Tennessee with six providers and four locations was able to save over $9,000 a year on credit card processing fees.

It was a smooth transition thanks to the PowerBuying team at DoctorsManagement.

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Rehabilitation Medicine Practice Increases Monthly Revenue by $40,000

A rehabilitation medicine practice contacted DoctorsManagement (DM) for assistance. The practice employs four physicians and three mid-level providers and has five offices, all located in towns with a population of less than 30,000. Patient satisfaction was good; however, the practice itself was in financial jeopardy and was submitting claims in a manner that put it at a high risk for a compliance audit. The group’s billing was several weeks behind and it had $500,000 in accounts receivable that was outstanding by more than 120 days.

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