What makes our program different?

What makes our program different?

At DoctorsManagement we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That is why we go beyond typical Group Purchasing Organization’s (GPOs) offerings with consultation and supply side choices for our clients. As purchasing partners, we work with GPOs, distributors, independent vendors, and other suppliers advocating lower prices on your behalf. We’ll benchmark your spending data, understand your needs and where you want to go. We will suggest a course of action that is unique to your practice, a combination of GOP affiliations, local contracts and purchasing strategies. We work for YOU – not the distributor or the manufacturer.

A word about Group Purchasing Organizations

GPOs aren’t just for hospitals.

Our experience with physician practices is that most practices are unaware of GPOs or the cost advantage that they bring to the practice. However, most practices know that hospitals purchase supply items less expensively than do physicians practices; part of it is the high dollar volume spent by hospitals but much of the credit belongs to the GPO. In fact, every hospital belongs to a GPO! And, for good reason: lower cost and easier purchasing.

Some GPO facts:

Sometimes GPOs are confused as just another supplier or vendor, but they aren’t.

  • A GPO compliments your efforts and does not compete with them.
  • A GPO is a team working full time to benefit its members.
  • A GPO is not a competitor that is trying to replace your current supplier(s).
  • A GPO does not replace you as the person that purchases supplies.
  • A GPO does not obligate you to purchase through them.
  • A GPO is an advocate that creates and manages contracts making the buying process easier so you can purchase at a lower cost with less hassle.

All of this helps to free up your time to concentrate on areas where you can devote more time and add more value to your practice. The good work and cost savings that is accomplished is to your credit.

PowerBuying Program Services

  • Price monitoring of everyday supplies like clinical, injectables, office, and lab
  • Comparative supply cost analysis
  • Connection to the largest and best Group
  • Purchasing Organizations
  • Vendor price negotiation
  • Local contracts negotiation
  • Provide options and advice for large purchases and unique categories like Yellow Pages, cell phones and land lines
  • Get competitive bids on large purchases such as capital equipment, computers and printers
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