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Ancillary Services

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Boost Practice Revenue

Many medical practice managers and providers know that ancillary services can be a great way to boost revenue and attract new patients while increasing the level of patient care and satisfaction. The challenge, however, is knowing which ancillary services to add. Some of the considerations include whether the service is genuinely in the best interest of your patients, how to add services without disrupting the flow of the practice or taking up valuable space, and how to integrate the services without taxing your already busy practice staff.

Conversely, one of the often overlooked benefits of ancillary services is allowing providers to spend more time with patients. Many physicians believe that the only way to balance out decreasing reimbursements is to increase patient load. By adding revenue from ancillary services that patients would have invested in outside your practice, however, you can offset the need to see more patients and spend more time with the ones you already have. This option can increase patient satisfaction and retention as opposed to tighter schedules and shorter appointments, which threaten patient satisfaction levels and retention.

DoctorsManagement takes the guesswork out of adding ancillary services. We continually research the many options available to our clients and have access to the “best of class” solutions for ancillary services. We also can help you decide if it is a viable solution for your practice based on on your desired level of involvement, your time and space constraints and your patient demographics.

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