Healthcare Compliance Audit

Healthcare Compliance Audit

Annual compliance audits and consistent monitoring are part of an effective compliance program. If your healthcare organization is looking for ways to improve its compliance program, DoctorsManagement, LLC can help. Our compliance auditing services offer the comprehensive solutions you need to ensure compliance, reduce the risk of payor repayment audit, improve patient and physician satisfaction and boost efficiency.



What Is a Healthcare Compliance Audit?

A compliance audit ensures your organization has a compliance process that follows Anti-kickback, False Claims, Stark and other Federal laws and guidelines around patient care reimbursement. The auditor reveals discrepancies in your compliance efforts and recommends changes to help you improve compliance and operational efficiency.

Compliance auditing and monitoring are essential within the healthcare industry. Organizations must comply with federal and state regulations and internal policies to ensure patient safety and practice success. Incorporating compliance auditing into your compliance program helps keep your program effective.

Our Healthcare Compliance Services

DoctorsManagement can provide the healthcare auditing and monitoring tools, resources and support you need to create a comprehensive and effective compliance program. We customize our compliance services to meet your unique needs, so you can trust that we’ll provide the best solutions for your organization. Three of our most prominent compliance offerings include compliance program audits, medical encounter documentation review and payor repayment consulting, and litigation expert testimony.

Compliance Auditing

DoctorsManagement is here to support your organization with every compliance auditing need, enabling you to make your audit and review process successful. We can perform our compliance audits remotely or on-site, and we can provide real-time analytics to help you make adjustments quickly and efficiently. 

Our internal audit follows this basic process:

  1. Our team will request your compliance plan and policies
  2. We review and analyze your compliance program to identify gaps
  3. Our auditors present a concise report and discuss significant audit findings
  4. We offer consulting and educational sessions with hands-on training and feedback to help implement these recommendations 

Medical Encounter Documentation Review and Payor Repayment Consulting

Our consultation experts can assist with medical encounter documentation reviews to help you ensure accuracy and thoroughness for optimal patient care and risk management. Our consultation services can also enable you to quickly understand payor repayment opportunities.

Litigation Expert Testimony

DoctorsManagement has an Advanced Healthcare Analytics division that specializes in litigation support. We work with healthcare organizations, private legal firms and state’s attorneys general to defend physician’s rights against regulating agencies and payors.

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The Importance of Auditing Corporate Compliance in Healthcare

Regular internal audits for compliance enable you to create comprehensive compliance programs that reduce your risk and improve operational efficiency. DoctorsManagement can simulate actual carrier audits to help you correct deficiencies and keep your organization on track toward total compliance. Our expert auditors can support and guide you to compliance solutions that work best for your practice.

As you conduct business in compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies, you can experience benefits like:

  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Increased income
  • Reduced physician and staff stress

Why Choose DoctorsManagement for Corporate Compliance Auditing?

DoctorsManagement can perform audits and audit training for any size organization, from solo practices to hospitals. Our audit team can also work with any specialty to provide the level of compliance your practice requires.

Advantages we offer our clients include:

  • Experienced auditors: Our expert auditors have years of experience in healthcare compliance. Every healthcare compliance auditor is dually credentialed as Certified Professional Medical Auditors (CPMA®) and Certified Professional Coders (CPC®), so you can trust us to offer full support and guidance throughout the audit process.
  • Comprehensive solutions: As a full-service healthcare consultancy firm, we enable you to create comprehensive, effective and sustainable compliance systems that can keep your practice compliant for years. We can help with various operations, including coding, billing documentation, staff and provider training and a variety of audit types.

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DoctorsManagement has the comprehensive and expert auditing services you need to ensure your organization is compliant. Contact us today to learn how our compliance auditing services can satisfy your unique compliance demands.


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