Provider & Staff Training

Stop the cycle of revenue leaks

Keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations, increased scrutiny of claims, and continual requests to submit appeals for denied claims is challenging to say the least. Add into the mix the demands of patient care and many practices simply avoid taking a close look at how their procedures could be impacting the financial health of their organization.

Enter DoctorsManagement. Our team has developed a balanced approach to staff and provider training. Our focus is to pinpoint the areas where we can help you receive the reimbursement dollars you’re legally entitled to with coding and documentation training tailored to your specific needs. Improving staff efficiency with more accurate coding procedures helps reduce denied claims and can also help reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Our team of nationally recognized trainers and consultants will create your customized training program using the most up-to-date information in the industry. They utilize results from real audit scenarios and case studies to help improve the financial health of your practice.

Training tailored to your specific needs

Our training services cover, but are not limited to the following objectives:

  • Evaluation & Management (EM) level requirements for history, exam and medical decision making
  • Grey areas and policy (MAC vs. Internal)
  • Medical Necessity vs. MDM 4. EMR/EHR:
    • Copy paste/forward
    • Text templates and “all normal” c. Coder
  • Customized specialty-specific training for CPT and ICD-10 documentation
  • Provider shadowing and education
  • Compliance (Chart) audits
  • Comprehensive practice analysis
  • Regulatory compliance training
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