Dental Practice Management

DoctorsManagement provides ongoing dental practice management services for dental practices. Our firm doesn’t own dental practices; we provide management services and we always work for you, the dentist and client; you never work for us. You are always in complete control of your practice.

Our consultants do, however, help you decide what needs to be done to achieve your professional and personal goals, and we define the steps required to accomplish your goals. Dental practice management typically begins with an assessment of your practice. The assessment helps determine where improvements are needed and to establish your professional and personal goals. Upon completion of the assessment, we help bring your goals to fruition. You help you “make it happen” by bringing new and better ideas to you in order to constantly move your physician or dental practice forward to the proverbial “next level.”

We work very closely with you and, if applicable, your manager or any other advisors you have in place. Through your Senior Management Consultant, you have access to our entire team of healthcare practice specialists. Your consultant gives you ongoing support and coaching to keep your practice growing.

Your consultant will conduct regular meetings, typically once a month and will maintain constant communication via phone, e-mail or video conferencing. Help for you or your office manager is just a phone call away. At monthly business meetings, you consultant reviews your priorities as they relate to your short, intermediate and long-term goals. Dentists look to DoctorsManagement to plan and execute the game plan for achieving your dental practice management goals. You can focus on taking care of patients while leaving leave the problems of dental practice management to us.


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Schedule a time to talk via phone with our dental specialist who can discuss whether our firm can help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Why DoctorsManagement for your Dental Practice?