PowerBuying Program

PowerBuying Program

A group purchasing organization (GPO) assists healthcare practices with obtaining the necessary medical supplies and services by identifying procurement opportunities. By aggregating buying power, a GPO can ensure your practice has access to a reliable inventory supply — for the best value. Navigating the supply chain and negotiating with manufacturers and distributors has never been easier.

Same Supplies. Same Suppliers. Better Price.

PowerBuying is a unique cost-reduction service unmatched by any other company and offers one of the most comprehensive discount buying programs available to the physician’s office. Working with an extensive team of suppliers, DoctorsManagement can lower your operating costs on clinical supplies, office supplies, pharmaceutical purchases, credit card processing, and virtually every item for which you write a check.

Regardless of your practice size or volume, the PowerBuying team can help you save money in almost every area of your practice. Through our relationships with national suppliers and group purchasing organizations, we make it easy for you to increase your bottom line with cost savings on medical, office, and equipment supplies.

We simply apply volume discounts to your pricing while you continue to use the same products and vendors you know and trust.* Plus, our experienced professionals regularly monitor your pricing to help ensure that you are receiving the best prices available and the proper contracts are in place.

Benefits of Working With Healthcare Buying Groups

When working with a group purchasing organization like DoctorsManagement, you’ll have access to a more custom approach than you would with other organizations. Your healthcare practice and needs are unique, which is why we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all service. 

Some of the benefits you can take advantage of include saving costs and funds and having increased leveraging potential when negotiating. 

Saved Costs 

A GPO allows your practice to save expenses. No matter your healthcare organization’s size, managing inventory and contracts are two crucial aspects that can impact your overall bottom line.

At DoctorsManagement, we take the time to learn more about your spending needs and data so that we can help you access supply items for less. With a GPO, you can experience much lower costs and a more seamless purchasing experience. We’ll serve as your practice’s advocate, making the entire purchasing process much easier and more efficient.

Managed Negotiation 

Getting the products and supplies your practice needs is easier than ever with DoctorsManagement. A GPO team will work full-time for your organization, helping leverage your purchasing power and negotiating the best contracts for all your purchases. 

Along with suppliers, we work with everyone from independent vendors to distributors, ensuring you get the lowest price possible on healthcare supplies. By both sourcing and negotiating the best prices, your practice will experience a more streamlined buying process, minimize supply shortages, and purchase quality products for less.

Time Saved 

The less time your practice spends negotiating with suppliers, the more time it will have to serve patients and reach goals. Whether it’s medical devices or supplies, GPOs will help you navigate the complex healthcare supply acquisition process so you don’t have to do it alone.

Discover a PowerBuying Program That Works for You

As part of our PowerBuying program, your organization will have access to the services it needs to take advantage of lower costs and easier purchasing. 

Gain access to:

  • A connection to the largest and best GPS.
  • Options and advice for large purchases and unique categories like landlines.
  • Vendor price negotiation.
  • Comparative supply cost analysis. 
  • Price monitoring of everyday medical and office supplies.
  • Competitive bids on large purchases like capital equipment.

The real power is in the client results…

  • Save a cardiology practice $60,000 a year on pharmaceutical agents purchases for nuclear imaging.
  • Reduce annual clinical supplies expense by more than $15,000 for a family practice.
  • Save $45,000 on a C-Arm purchase for an orthopedic and spine clinic.

If you are a practice manager seeking the solid value that only a purchasing partner can provide, let us help you control the costs associated with running your medical practice.

* Most clients are already using an authorized distributor and can receive discounted pricing without changing distributors. Changing distributors for cost savings is always the client’s choice.

Enhance Your Practice With Group Purchasing Designed Especially for Healthcare

DoctorsManagement takes pride in being your partner. Whether you are a startup, solo practice, large healthcare system, or anything in between, we have a team of professionals ready to provide you with a consultation and supply side choices that work for you.

Interested in learning more about our medical purchasing solutions? Contact us today to get started. 

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