OIG & Regulatory Compliance

OIG & Regulatory Compliance

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) compliance programs help to promote ethical and lawful corporate conduct that focus on encouraging detection, prevention, and resolution of healthcare provider conduct that does not meet federal and state law, and a hospital or health system’s business policies.

To help hospitals and physicians, and other healthcare providers comply with relevant Federal health care laws and regulations, OIG offers compliance resources.  These resources include advisory bulletins, brochures, articles and papers, podcasts, videos, and other applicable guidance on compliance with Federal health care program standards. The OIG also offers opinions with regards to Federal anti-kickback statute and other fraud and abuse authorities.  If you are in need of compliance support services, direction, or advanced compliance services including:

  • Coding & Documentation Review
  • Coding & Compliance Audit
  • Production Coding
  • Audit Appeals and Defense
  • Fraud & Expert Witness
  • Data Extrapolation and Review
  • Identify and Mitigate Coding & Billing Risk
  • Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) Data Analysis
  • Risk Assessment Category Assistance
  1. Frequency utilization of E&M and non-E&M procedure codes
  2. RVU consumption of all procedure codes
  3. Frequency utilization of modifier codes
  4. Provider’s hours per year versus OIG’s FTE guidelines
  • Internal Review Code Selection
  • Validation of Training & Mediation Programs

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DoctorsManagement is a full-service medical practice consulting firm composed of in-house experts to support your practice goals. Our consultants work alongside administrators and providers of large and small healthcare organizations to help reduce compliance risks, increase practice profits, improve patient satisfaction and employee morale as well as reduce stress for physicians, managers and staff.

DoctorsManagement’s strategies are sound, having been proven over five decades of experience, and our clients gain access to a team of nationally-recognized industry experts in practically every area of medical practice management, including compliance, healthcare analytics, coding, auditing, financial services, patient retention, human resources and more.

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