OSHA Seminars

OSHA Seminars

OSHA Compliance Training – Via Live Telecast

This training is ideal for a physician, a practice/office manager, or an employee that has been designated as the practice’s OSHA Safety Coordinator. 

Training is delivered in a structured, yet interactive format to engage attendees. The session is broken down into 3 sections with the opportunity to ask questions after each section:

  1. Overview of OSHA and the key components needed to create a comprehensive safety program
  2. Review of OSHA standards affecting healthcare facilities and OSHA’s enforcement efforts to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses
  3. Guidelines for employee safety including Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, PPE, Sharps, Workplace Violence, and more!

Learn the tools needed to maintain OSHA compliance, including:

  • Overview of Federal OSHA program – established and enforced standards
  • Key components for an effective Safety Policy
  • Employer responsibilities and Employee rights
  • Training requirements
  • Review of Reporting and Recordkeeping requirements


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