OSHA Seminars

OSHA Seminars

OSHA Training Live Telecast

In addition to providing on-site OSHA training, mock inspections, OSHA compliance manuals and other training products, DoctorsManagement also offers an OSHA Compliance Training via Live Telecast.

The Anti-Procrastination OSHA Compliance Bundle – Live Program.

OSHA Compliance Training Telecasts (comes bundled with an OSHA Compliance Manual) will be offered on the third Wednesday of every other month starting in January 2022.

Stay Up to Date With OSHA Compliance Requirements

Learn what you need to know to maintain OSHA compliance, including:

  • OSHA reporting and record-keeping requirements
  • Required site-specific hazard assessment
  • Written hazard control plan that meets current regulations (injury and illness prevention program)
  • Pictograms and safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals
  • Preventing and responding to bloodborne pathogen exposures
  • New guidance for protecting temporary workers


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