Medical Coding and Documentation Training

Medical Coding and Documentation Training

Proper medical billing and coding is critically important to the health of all healthcare organizations. You want to know that the staff you trust with your coding is productive, proficient, and experienced. With so many companies claiming the accuracy and productivity of their coding and the authenticity of the documentation training services, it’s difficult to distinguish those that can keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare regulations. These trending changes are foundational to excellence in coding and documentation. Our team of Certified Coders and Auditors receive standardization and ongoing support from the National Association of Medical Auditing Specialists (NAMAS) — a nationally recognized educational organization and a division of DoctorsManagement. As a result, our coding, auditing, and training experts are some of the most recognized in the industry.

Training for Medical Coding and Documentation

At DoctorsManagement, we have extensive options to meet the training required regardless of the specialty, the audience, or the distance. Our experienced team is dually credentialed as coders and auditors to provide the experience and insight needed to lead exceptional training sessions. When other organizations are also making similar claims, how can you know our services are different and will meet your organization’s needs? Our process and training style set us apart:

  • Customized training: Training sessions engineered for mass use may lack the specific training topics your organization needs, which is why each training project begins with a launch call to define the objectives, topics, and goals of the training. This turns ordinary training into a value-based educational session covering exactly what your team needs.
  • Applied training:  Whether a training session involves your physician or coding teams, interactive and applied learning produces the best results. To accomplish this, a sample of documentation specific to the training event will be requested, redacted, and infused into the training. This allows our trainer to educate on a topic and then use an example that is familiar in format and style, plus EMR-specific and specialty-specific, to your team.
  • Record for OnDemand: Training should be an investment into your organization. Retaining a training event allows the investment to continue to pay for itself. Individuals unable to attend live events or those onboarding new team members can access the recording. Provisional internal use is provided through a lease of the content, which additionally provides for updates to the material should a change in guidelines arise for the current year.
  • Proficiency in training: Signing an acknowledgment of training interaction creates a contractual agreement for compliance and best practices. Therefore, DoctorsManagement will provide an acknowledgment attestation that can be used to certify the training event for validation of the investment toward compliance. To best gauge training outcomes, a proficiency quiz can be provided to include five to 10 questions, which is especially valuable for those attending OnDemand. We can host the proficiency quiz through our training platform or provide live hosting for the client.

Importance of Proper Documentation and Coding

Documentation impacts patient care as well as payment outcomes. When coupled with the coding assigned, documentation carries a lot of weight for each patient’s medical records. At the root, proper documentation and coding:

  • Keeps patient records accurate: Continuity of good patient care is the primary purpose of documentation as well as coding to some degree. Misrepresentation of the patient — via note bloat or lack of documentation — could have a negative impact on a patient’s well-being.
  • Bridge the gap between providers and insurance: Medical coding is the translator of care between a medical provider and a patient’s insurance company. Correct coding ensures that the patient’s medical history is accurately chronicled to the payor and also ensures correct reimbursement for the services provided. Medical coding translates medical services into a CPT and ICD-10 code for insurance companies to understand so they can effectively process the claims.
  • Enhance your patients’ experience: A patient’s experience comes down to their quality of care. Having accurate data in a patient’s medical records can help them receive the treatments and services they need for proper healing.

Why Providers Trust Us

DoctorsManagement has a passion for healthcare, focusing everything we do on advancing a practice to meet its full potential. Throughout our various services, we are consistent with:

  • Quality of coders and auditors: Our U.S.-based coders, auditors, and educators receive ongoing training and support from our education division, NAMAS. All senior team members possess over 15 years of experience and hold the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) and the Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) credentials.
  • Synergy: DoctorsManagement is a full-service healthcare consultancy firm. The many departments within our firm work together to help clients rise above the complexities faced by today’s healthcare professionals. As a result, you receive quality solutions from a team of individuals who are current on every aspect of the business of medicine.

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If your medical practice could benefit from coding education, DoctorsManagement is a trusted source that can help simplify the world of medicine. Together, we can bring your team up to speed on the latest medical billing and coding training to streamline your processes so you can focus on patient health and wellness. Contact us to discuss your coding and audit needs by calling (865) 800-3606 or emailing us at [email protected].

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