Founded in 1956

Robert C. Fraim founded RCFA Physicians Managers (now DoctorsManagement) in 1956. Mr. Fraim helped set the standard in the field of medical management consulting.

Our Founder

Prior to forming his own consulting firm, Robert C. Fraim Associates, Inc., Mr. Fraim served as the business manager for the Knoxville Orthopedic Group. He was also an officer and member of the Board of Directors of medical corporations throughout the United States.

Professional Achievements

  • The Royal Society of Medicine, London (RSM) 1988
  • Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), 1959
  • Life & Charter Member of the National Association of Healthcare Consultants (NAHC)
  • Awarded an “Achievement in Editorial Excellence” from Physician’s Management magazine for his outstanding member achievements
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member
  • Former member of the Medical Economics magazine Editorial Advisory Board
  • Visiting lecturer at the University of Tennessee 1959-1987
  • Lecturer at the Wharton School of Business
  • Lecturer at the Royal Society of Medicine, London

Authored & Published Works

  • “Organization and Management of the Family Practice”
  • “Medical Practice Management,”
  • “That 95% Collection Ratio: Is It Attainable?”
  • “The Quickest Way to Ruin Your Practice”
  • “Your Office: Unsafe at Any Speed”
  • “25 Ways to Promote New Doctor Practice”
  • “Work Smarter…Get Home Earlier”
  • “The Physician’s Management Guide to Personal Financial Management”
  • “Business Office Equipment Our Management Consultants Recommend”
  • “Charge Slip: A Bill for All Seasons”

Acquired by Paul L. King 1987

Paul’s simple philosophy reverberates throughout the company and to its clients. Good, honest, and intelligent effort is always rewarded. Paul was and is a business visionary. He and his partners have built one of the most comprehensive medical practice management firms in the country. With over 12 in-house departments that service physicians, practice managers, and hospitals – plus training programs that extend into state organizations, universities, and the Department of Justice – the company continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Paul intends for the company’s slogan, “leave the business of medicine to us,” to mean exactly that. DoctorsManagement facilitates success and efficiencies for established and start-up medical practices as well as hospital-owned practices.

a white brick building with the words doctors management on it

Paul L. King and DoctorsManagement

When first introduced to the world of medical practice management over 25 years ago, Paul was intrigued by the realization that to be successful, physicians could live by one simple principle – each day all you have to do is the right thing.

This principle inspired Paul and he knew that medical practice management was the ideal business for him. He saw no better way to provide a valuable service than to support and free physicians from the minutia of management so that they could focus on serving their patients. After learning the foundation of the business and developing many successful strategies, Paul purchased DoctorsManagement in 1987.

Additions Through the Years

Paul King and the DoctorsManagement leadership team has continuously aimed to grow the breadth of our business and has chosen to add and acquire new divisions and businesses that align with the growing needs of our clients.

  • 1994 OSHA, HIPAA & CLIA Divisions
  • 1998 DMU | DoctorsManagement University
  • 2010 AAPOL | American Academy of Provider Offices and Laboratories
  • 2007 NAMAS | National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists Founded
  • 2008 Acquired MI Professional Management
  • 2010 Power Buying Division
  • 2013 Credentialing Division
  • 2014 Frank Cohen Group joined DoctorsManagement and added their Compliance Risk Analyzer and a business intelligence and data analytics division to the
    growing firm.

  • 2021 Acquired HCCH | Hawaii Healthcare Coding & Compliance

DoctorsManagement Today

DoctorsManagement has grown to National firm having clients in 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. We are growing consistently year to year. We continue to acquire additional businesses and grow our divisions and offerings based on the needs of our clients.

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