Documentation & Coding Audit Review

Documentation & Coding Audit Review

Medical coding accuracy is essential to your organization’s revenue cycle and compliance efforts. Coding audits can ensure your processes are compliant and accurate, enabling you to mitigate risks and increase your revenue. DoctorsManagement, LLC offers comprehensive auditing services to help you improve medical coding and documentation.


What Is a Healthcare Coding and Compliance Audit?

A coding and compliance audit reviews coding and documentation practices for healthcare organizations to ensure accuracy, reliability and effectiveness. A coding audit thoroughly reviews health records and billing data to help identify coding issues so you can increase reimbursement accuracy and create a consistent revenue cycle.

Medical coding accuracy also affects your practice’s compliance. Audits can reveal high-risk areas and educate providers and staff about recent changes to rules and regulations. An effective coding audit program ensures your organization complies with external and internal policies.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Audit Services

DoctorsManagement is committed to the success of your audit and review process. Our expert auditing team performs coding audits that simulate an actual carrier audit, allowing you to accurately address deficiencies and lower risk. We customize our audit services to address your needs or project. Our process follows these steps:

  1. Information collection: Our team will review provided documentation and compare coding for each service. We can help you determine an adequate sample size, or we can work with a sample of your choosing.
  2. Data analysis: We will review your coding and documentation data to identify areas of proficiency and deficiency, locating opportunities for recognition and improvement. Our analysis reports are a deliverable we provide with all our audits.
  3. Recommendation: Our auditors will review our concise findings report with you to reveal risk areas. We recommend ways to improve your coding and documentation processes for improved compliance and maximized revenue.
  4. Education: We offer customized training for your providers and staff, enabling them to experience greater understanding and confidence. Our auditors can teach your staff valuable skills and communication habits that lead to improved coding and documentation processes for your organization.

The Importance of Medical Coding and Audits

Medical coding accuracy can affect several aspects of your practice, including your compliance risk and revenue stream. Auditing can assist with improving coding accuracy, enabling you to lower risk and improve revenue. Coding audits can help your organization:

  • Follow updated coding standards
  • Locate areas of lost revenue
  • Correct coding issues 

With regular audits checking and improving your coding and documentation practices, your organization can experience benefits such as:

  • Saved time and money: Accurately coded claims can lead to fewer rejections and denials. Audits help you quickly identify and correct coding issues so more cases can be paid fully and on time.
  • Maintained compliance: Audits can address compliance concerns within your coding processes. They enable you to stay updated on new laws and regulations, helping you implement recent changes correctly.
  • Improved internal processes: Coding audits can reveal improvement opportunities. With regular audits, you can ensure your organization is following proper internal processes and procedures that result in quality medical coding.

Why Choose DoctorsManagement for Medical Coding Audits?

As a full-service consultancy firm, DoctorsManagement has the auditing expertise and resources to help a variety of organizations, including solo practices, group practices, multi-specialty clinics, hospitals and large integrated health systems. Our highly skilled and experienced auditors can assist you in identifying and correcting deficiencies within your coding and documentation processes.

We use proprietary technology to assess your critical risk areas and recommend adjustments that can help you mitigate risk and address your revenue streams. Our sophisticated 2023 E/M audit tool, Compliance Risk Analyzer® (CRA), allows our team to select and address the encounters that are most likely to trigger a carrier audit.

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