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Practice Valuation

You greatly value your practice, whether you built it from scratch or took on a leadership role over the years. If you’re looking to sell your practice — for reasons like needed transition, divorce, estate planning, or breaking up a partnership — DoctorsManagement can help you create a calculation of value (COV) because we know how important it is to you.

What Is Practice Valuation?

A healthcare practice valuation is the process of analyzing certain aspects of your practice to create a calculation of value for selling. There are several different aspects of the practice valuation, including — but not limited — to an analysis of:

  • Total annual receipts generated by practice providers
  • The depreciated value of practice assets
  • Any accounts receivable that will be included in the deal
  • Operating overhead
  • Any short- and long-term liabilities

Practice Valuation From DoctorsManagement

At DoctorsManagement, we will use whatever method you feel is most beneficial for your practice. Our medical practice valuation consultants will partner with you to get your practice the amount it deserves.

Rather than only looking at the data, we will get to know you and your practice as true partners. You can trust us to do the work so you don’t have to.

Benefits of Working With Us

Many factors go into practice valuation. DoctorsManagement can help you:

  • Understand your value: No matter the reason why you are seeking a valuation, our service can help you get a better, more accurate idea about what your practice is worth. 
  • Get a good deal: If you are deciding to merge with another practice, we will assist you in a valuation to make sure you are getting a good, comparable deal, matching with another practice with similar value.
  • Make informed decisions: Conducting a valuation can help you see what areas need to be improved, often relating directly to patient care. With the data, you can make informed decisions about the next steps for growth.

How to Grow Your Medical Practice

Whether you are looking to sell or not, valuation can grow your medical practice to its full potential. Before getting a valuation, you can implement the following things into your practice to potentially receive a higher value:

  • Keep your team educated and updated on best practices and technological advancements.
  • Encourage team efficiency and culture with regular bonuses and rewards.
  • Efficiently schedule your medical team to reduce burnout.
  • Hire qualified staff and delegate tasks.
  • Communicate often with staff and follow up with patients when necessary.

Contact DoctorsManagement for a Practice Valuation Assessment

Providers need to look after their patients while also looking after their practice. Having an experienced firm to represent you and assist you in monitoring your practice is a step in the right direction. Contact DoctorsManagement to learn more about practice valuation.

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