Medical Practice Manager & Practice Administrator Recruiting Services

Medical Practice Manager & Practice Administrator Recruiting Services

The right practice manager and staff can make or break a medical practice. How do you identify that justright candidate?

Having assisted in the hiring and training of hundreds (or more) of medical practice personnel, our team can help you identify the ideal manager or administrator that will help your practice reach its highest level of performance. And, we take it one step further than most other firms…

Your new practice manager has the option to become a Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®). This means he or she has gone through the DMUniversity curriculum, which is a comprehensive training program built by experienced healthcare industry experts, and educations graduates on strategies to:

  • Improve practice profitability,
  • Deliver more efficient and effective patient care
  • Raise employee morale,
  • Increase patient satisfaction.

The DMUniversity is a division of DoctorsManagement and has trained and certified practice managers and staff around the country. Your new manager can attend this web-based certification training and in addition to learning the essentials of medical practice management success, will also have learned how to position your practice for success and future growth in today’s changing healthcare environment

Put our 50 years of working in the business of medicine to work for you.

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