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Attracting, recruiting, and retaining clinical staff is integral to the success of a medical practice. A medical practice that has talented and committed employees can provide high-quality patient care with optimal clinic efficiency. In a time when hiring and retaining staff members has become increasingly difficult, the tips in this blog will help your medical practice hire and retain a staff capable of achieving the desired results. 

Attracting Clinical Staff

Reputation and Culture: It is important to maintain an active and up-to-date online presence through the practice website. The most effective way to do this is to highlight the practice’s accomplishments and commitment to patient care. Employees are going to feel at ease when applying to the practice if you have a modern website with positive patient reviews. On the other hand, if the practice has a negative reputation in the community as a place of work, or the online reputation of the practice is subpar, it will deter talented individuals from applying. 

Recruiting Clinical Staff

Efficient and Streamlined Hiring Process: In today’s virtual age, it is easy to post advertisements through sites like Indeed or LinkedIn and have someone track and screen the resumes as they come through. There always needs to be a sense of urgency in this process because the online job search makes it easy to apply to multiple jobs in a short period. This means the top candidates are going to have multiple options quickly. Someone on staff should be maintaining prompt contact with candidates as well as updates and feedback on the process. Set deadlines for the introductory screening interviews as well as when a hire needs to be made so expectations are clear on both sides.

Competitive Pay and Benefits: Offer competitive salaries for your market. It is imperative for practices to offer compensation packages that meet or exceed industry standards if they want to attract the types of employees that will help the practice succeed. If the practice is like most medical small practices and unable to provide a robust medical insurance package to the staff, the practice can make up for it with higher wages and generous PTO packages.

Retaining Clinical Staff

Continued Professional Development: To retain clinical staff medical practices should foster a culture where practice management takes the growth of their employees as seriously as patient care. The practice leadership’s objective should be to equip each staff member with the tools and resources to achieve their personal and professional goals. Once staff members feel they are just coming to a job each day, they will inevitably seek employment elsewhere.

Feedback Processes: One of the ways to foster professional development is through routine feedback processes for both the clinic staff and clinic leadership. Employees feel validated when management sets up time to honestly evaluate job performance. It is just as crucial to provide space for the employees to honestly evaluate the practice and its leadership.  

Opportunities for Increased Compensation: Some of the most successful practices DoctorsManagement works with are those who are interested in paying their employees above what the market calls for. These practices are not only doing this through routine raises (which is also necessary) but through payouts as a result of well-defined incentive models. These models, if designed and implemented properly, will boost morale and facilitate staff buy-in.

Foster a Successful Clinic With DoctorsManagement

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining clinical staff is a difficult task to navigate. Especially in an age where compensation is consistently increasing for clinic staff and non-competes are not nearly as effective as they once were. DoctorsManagement has had great success in helping practices mold a successful culture where both owners and employees achieve their professional and personal goals and we would like to help your practice achieve the same.

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