Dermatology Group Achieves Steady, Robust Growth


Two dermatologists contacted DoctorsManagement (DM) after their practice manager left abruptly and they suspected employee theft. Having practiced in a large town in the Southeast for several years, the doctors were unsure of how to handle the situation.

Both physicians were talented dermatologists and maintained full schedules with satisfied patients; however, they felt unsure of their business decisions. They saw the potential for growth but did not know how to put procedures in place to forge ahead.

After conducting an assessment, DM developed a strategic plan for the practice. The physicians retained the firm as an ongoing advisor and DM hired and trained the new practice manager. DM implemented procedures with built-in checks and balances so that the doctors could trust their staff. The doctors’ confidence in DM’s guidance and support fostered trust in their own ability to build the large, thriving practice they envisioned.

DM helped the physicians recruit high-quality talent to expand the size and scope of their clinical services. Because of their streamlined operations, new physicians (including two Mohs surgeons) had a full schedule within a few months of being hired. The practice added numerous ancillary services including a pathology lab, cosmetic products and services, and an in-office Patient Prescription Center.

With confidence in their decisions and the operational systems in place, the doctors were able to seize unexpected growth opportunities, including the acquisition of two practices in nearby towns. The cornerstone of this practice’s success was and still is their commitment to delivering stellar customer service and cultivating a positive company culture.

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  • Strong, consistent 20-year growth
  • High-quality talent recruitment and retention
  • Fast start-up for new providers
  • Complimentary ancillary service lines
  • High performance corporate culture
  • Impeccable patient satisfaction score
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