Fair Market Value Assessment

Fair Market Value Assessment

Does your client need a Fair Market Value Compensation Review?

DM’s experienced team of compensation valuation professionals has the knowledge and skill set to support you and your client as you navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare regulatory landscape.

Scope of Work

DoctorsManagement will identify all the factors and surrounding circumstances that should be considered when determining fair market value compensation for specific transactions, including but not limited to, the supply and demand for the services, the operational and financial performance of the service line of the entity, and the expected profit or loss from the service line of the entity.


You will receive a comprehensive assessment that identifies the background, relevant facts, and key assumptions surrounding the fair market value arrangement. DM will utilize one or more valuation approaches to determine the fair market value compensation for the specific arrangement (e.g., income approach, cost approach, and market approach). As part of the analysis, DM will also utilize multiple objective benchmarks derived from appropriate resources, as well as industry experience, to help analyze the specifics of the proposed relationship or transaction.

Getting Started

Your consultant will assess your client situation to determine if our services are the right match for the situation. Once all parties agree to proceed, DM will conduct one or more kick-off call(s) to initiate the project. All parties will be informed of the timeline and criteria for the FMV project. You will receive your final FMV assessment/report within the pre-determined timeframe.

Each compensation agreement has it’s own unique set of circumstances. Compensation arrangement reviews may include, but are not limited to:

  • Collections guarantee / subsidy arrangements for hospital-based physicians
  • Employee leasing arrangements
  • Employment arrangements
  • On-call arrangements
  • Professional services arrangements (PSA) Telemedicine On-call arrangements
  • Medical Director arrangements
  • Service line management and co-management arrangements
  • General management arrangements
  • Clinical research/Clinical trial arrangements
  • Marketing arrangements
  • Physician recruitment arrangements
  • Pay-for-performance arrangements
  • Lithotripsy “per-click” arrangements
  • Clinically integrated networks (CIN)
  • GME affiliation arrangements CME arrangements

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