HR Consulting & Recruitment Services

HR Consulting & Recruitment Services

Lighten the burden of your practice’s human resources responsibilities and free internal staff to focus on your practice’s core operations. With DoctorsManagement, LLC’s HR support services, you can take advantage of leading HR management strategies from experts who are well-versed in medical practice management. Our HR services support medical practices through a comprehensive assortment of products and services that enhance efficiency and professionalism.

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Benefits of HR Consulting Services

From employee relations to benefits administration, the field of HR is constantly undergoing changes that business owners must stay on top of. HR consulting and recruitment services can help relieve some of the burden and improve work-life balance by offering benefits such as:

Chat With Your HR Partner

Practice Managers and Administrators face all kinds of employee issues on a day-to-day basis. With our HR Services, you can speak with a credentialed HR professional with over 25 years of experience specializing in the HR/healthcare field.


Employment laws are constantly changing, and staying on top of and meeting these regulations can be a real challenge. Partnering with an HR consultant can help ensure the practice follows all regulations related to COBRA, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, and more. Let our HR Reference Manual and HR Toolkit (both available as digital downloads, USB flash drives and/or hard copy Binder Manuals) help you avoid costly penalties and litigation.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Maintaining employee morale is vital, especially in a medical practice. One secret to a successful practice lies in ensuring all employees are productive and engaged, increasing profitability. Working with an HR consultant with employee satisfaction experience can aid in identifying potential morale issues and developing strategies and solutions for meeting employee needs.

Increased Efficiency

As with any department, ensuring all processes are efficient can benefit the entire company. HR consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you save money while creating a more effective department. Meaningful checklists are available to help you stay on track — and on target!


HR consulting and recruitment services offer online interactive training for new managers, as well as updated modules for even the most seasoned Practice Administrator. Available online training courses include options like Sexual Harassment Training for Managers and Security & Phishing.

Our HR Recruitment Services

We can assist you in your search for non-physician providers (i.e., NPs, PAs) as well as new Practice Managers/Administrators. We have working relationships with top-notch physician recruiting firms that will offer our clients a discount in searching for new physicians. Some of the many benefits of working with us include:

Strengthen Recruitment Efforts

A successful practice is possible through recruiting and hiring top candidates. Working with DoctorsManagement, LLC provides a team specifically for recruiting to streamline finding top candidates.

Hire Qualified Staff

Hiring qualified candidates is vital for any practice but is often one of the largest drains of time and resources. Our team can make hiring more cost-efficient while finding and recruiting top candidates.

Unbiased Hiring

Bias is common in hiring, especially when an HR department is passionate about finding top candidates to meet their practice’s culture or goals. We can remove the risk of hiring bias and find and recruit employees based on facts rather than observations to help a practice hire top talent.

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