Office Based Surgery Startup Steps

Office-Based Surgery Center – Getting Started

Getting off to a successful and timely start is not necessarily a linear path. Many OBS startup tasks are contingent upon other tasks and must be accomplished in a specific order to avoid unnecessary delays. The following list, however, does provide a basic outline for the steps involved in establishing an office-based surgery center.

  • Perform feasibility analysis to determine market potential.
  • Establish service lines appropriate for patient demographics.
  • Oversee credentialing, licensure, transfer agreements and state inspection processes.
  • Develop scalable workflow to sustain immediate and future growth.
  • Provide EHR software and hardware recommendations.
  • Identify diagnostic tests that support surgical services.
  • Establish vascular screening program and anesthesia provider requirements.
  • Implement compliance risk reduction and management programs.
  • Identify staff hiring and training requirements and provide recruiting services.
  • Establish vendor relationships to receive best value pricing on high-quality supplies and equipment.
  • Establish billing and coding procedures that keep payment delays and risk exposure to a minimum.
  • Establish ongoing quality improvement programs. Develop marketing program to attract new and existing patients.
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