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Believe it or not, the market for dermatology practices is worth more than $7 billion. With more than 6,000 dermatology offices across the country, it’s no surprise that you’re wondering how to make your practice stand out.
On the hunt for marketing strategies for medical practices?

When it comes to marketing your dermatology clinic, you need to know the latest trends in medical practice marketing. Learn how to market your medical practice below!

Offer Special Services to Local Markets

As you may already know, cosmetic interventions in the field of dermatology are on the rise. With more and more customers looking to stay as youthful as possible, there’s never been a better time to advertise your services. In addition to this, the occurrences of scary diagnoses like skin cancer mean that medical practices are in more demand than ever.

While most dermatology practices are extremely profitable, it doesn’t hurt to add good manners and careful planning to the mix. This is the key to finding:

  • Success in your industry
  • Growth in your sector
  • Overall profitability

To get started, the best thing to do is to offer special services to your local market. Clearly, general dermatology services are the biggest breadwinner for most private practices. Even though this is the best way to build up your basic clientele, other procedures might bring in a different target audience.

By having a great referral base of customers, you’ll be sure to hook in more customers to your dermatology practice before you know it. For example, certain aesthetic procedures come with a high reimbursement rate.

In case you didn’t know, this means more cash in hand for your dermatology office. Just make sure to offer procedures on a cash or concierge basis first.

Establish Expertise in the Media

If you’re not sure how to establish your expertise in the media, then allow us to help you out. Firstly, focusing on your public relations presence is a great way to bring in more patients. This style of advertising can also encourage new customers to book first-time appointments with you.

Whether you’ve been in an advertisement or quoted in an article, there are a ton of ways to make a professional presence known to your target audience. Other forward-thinking tactics include everything from:

  • Doing interviews with the media
  • Making a public appearance on television
  • Getting your practice’s name in the newspaper

To tell you the truth, this kind of media exposure can really pay off over time!

Provide Positive Experiences for Patients

As we mentioned above, word-of-mouth advertising is the best type of marketing there is in the dermatology industry. That’s because potential new patients are more likely to trust a recommendation from their:

  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Family members

To reign in the power of this style of marketing, it’s essential to focus on providing the most positive experience for patients. Once your current patients are completely satisfied, chances are that they’ll pass on a good word to those that they love and trust.

Some of the smartest ways to create a glowing dermatology experience, it doesn’t hurt to:

  • Respect your patients’ time
  • Work hard to reduce patient wait times in your office
  • Book appointments and procedures accordingly

On top of that, making sure that your staff is friendly and well-trained is a surefire way to give your current clients a top-notch experience as well. Next, you can let your patients give feedback by offering patient surveys at the end of their experience.

Advertise Your Practice on Social Media

Last but not least, it’s probably time to advertise your dermatology practice on social media. By combining word-of-mouth marketing with technology, you can interact with patients, spread your message, and more on sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

With so many social media channels available at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to connect with new patients. To avoid making a few rookie mistakes, make sure that you avoid:

  • Exposing your practice’s or your patient’s information from the public
  • Giving medical advice that is too specific for social media
  • Acknowledging a particular physical-patient relationship
  • Blur the line between professional and personal profiles

The rest should be a piece of cake!

Make a Mark With Medical Practice Marketing Tips

Still, wondering how to make a mark with our medical practice marketing tips? If you are nodding your head yes, then we are here to help you out. Foremost, it pays to offer special dermatology procedures to your local audience. This can enhance success in your industry and growth in your sector, which leads to overall profitability.

In addition to this, you can also expand your brand’s visibility by doing interviews with the media. Also, making a public appearance on television is an excellent way to seem more credible too. Otherwise, getting your practice’s name in the newspaper is another way to make a splash as well. As if that’s not enough, making sure that your patients have a positive experience is essential to spreading the word to friends, family, and more.

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, ensure that you respect your patients’ time and work hard to reduce patient wait times in your office. Not to mention that you need to book appointments and procedures accordingly as well. Now, you should be good to go! Want to learn more about medical practice management advice? Feel free to get in touch with our team of experts today!

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