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Client Letters

Camkids Pediatrics, P.C.

I had the opportunity to work with DoctorsManagement over the past 6 months; I want to take the time to inform you that the service provided by your company exceeds my expectation.

I had the great pleasure to meet one of your Senior Management Consultants, who travelled to NY in October of 2013, to evaluate the need of our pediatric practice. After providing her with the necessary information and documentation, your consultant was able to make a thorough assessment of the practice and identify areas where change or improvement would be needed.

The staff was appreciative that they could meet with your consultant on a “one to one” to discuss the work flow, the challenges that they were facing and the improvement that they would want to see. New policies and procedures were implemented after our meeting. I can say, with confidence, that today I have a more secure staff with a positive attitude.

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