As the opioid crisis continues in our country, the OIG continues its work on targeting providers who are considered outliers. They have developed toolkits to provide highly technical information to assist public and private sectors such as Medicare Part D plan sponsors, private health plans, and State Medicaid Fraud Control Units with analyzing their own prescription drug claims data to help combat the opioid crisis.

The 2020 Toolkit provides steps to calculate patients’ average daily morphine equivalent dose (MED), which converts various prescription opioids and strengths into one standard value also referred to as morphine milligram equivalent (MME).

The toolkits include a detailed description of the analysis and programming code in three different programming languages (SAS, R, and SQL) that can be applied to the user’s own data. The SAS code, R code, and SQL code provide the same data.

The data can be used to identify certain patients at risk of opioid misuse or overdose. Modification of the code can be done to meet specific patient needs at varying levels.
The toolkits can be found here

By Sean M. Weiss, Partner, Vice President, and Chief Compliance Officer

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