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Kenny Herskowitz M.D.

Our group has utilized the services of Sean M. Weiss of DoctorsManagement, LLC for the past 4 years to guide our group through the complexities of Medicare, specifically with regard to compliance and audit appeal defense. The depth of knowledge that Sean and members of the DM compliance and audit appeal team have, has calmed our anxieties that something could be missed that would increase our group’s liability or prevent us from being paid for services we’re entitled to.

The comprehensive nature of the OIG Compliance Plan and specific policies developed for our group and specialty ensure we can always support ourselves when questions arise. Sean’s knowledge of coding, compliance requirements, and documentation guidelines has been a saving grace more times than we can count and his unbelievably quick and thorough response times show how passionate and engaged he is with what’s going on in our ever-changing industry.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Sean and the DM Compliance Team, I’m not sure what state our group would be in. I just can’t thank this amazing team of professionals enough.