So You’d Like to Start an In-Office Laboratory!

The American Academy of Provider Offices and Laboratories (AAPOL), a division of DoctorsManagement can help! We work with new and seasoned physician office laboratory professionals from assisting with your initial application and understanding all the way through the inspection, providing that extra boost to experienced lab technicians to ensure survey success and quality service.

Our CLIA services include:
  • Application assistance
  • Customized procedures manual
  • Quality assessment plan
  • Proficiency testing enrollment
  • Regulatory training onsite or remote
  • Inspection preparation
  • Documentation forms
  • Competency assessments
  • Mock audits
  • Corrective actions
  • Telephone consultation
Technical Consulting

CLIA requires every laboratory that performs moderate complexity testing to have a technical consultant (TC) who meets qualification requirements. The AAPOL division of DoctorsManagement has BSMT (ASCP) consultants who can serve in this role indefinitely or until the physician becomes qualified. Our consultants review laboratory data monthly and provide detailed written reports of findings and recommendations. We assist with the surveys and any required corrective action, ensure manuals are kept up-to-date, perform testing personnel competencies, and monitor all quality systems in the laboratory to assure reliable test results as well as regulatory compliance.

Training Videos and Manuals

Our CLIA professional staff has developed training videos and manuals to help you and your team prepare for and manage the many aspects of running both waived and non-waived testing laboratories. Visit our online store for CLIA compliance manuals, study guides, webinars, and more.

Laboratory Compliance Products

CLIA Quality Assessment Manual

This manual will help you get your laboratory into compliance with the CLIA ’88 regulations. It starts with a comprehensive Quality Assessment Plan designed to meet the new “CLIA ‘03” regulations, and proceeds to a detailed Procedure to implement each part of the Plan.

Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant Study Guide

This study guide is for individuals who are eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant examination offered by American Medical Technologists (AMT). It addresses the topics covered by the exam and includes a quiz (graded by AAPOL).

AAPOL News – Bi-monthly CLIA Updates

This publication is written to provide current compliance information and regulations to laboratories and convey CLIA changes, including the regulations themselves, interpretations, and inspection experiences. It helps to ease your mind about surveys.

Quality Assessment for the POL
On-Demand Webinar

Helps laboratory supervisors, technical consultants, and directors become familiar with all the probes CLIA requires in a quality assurance plan for a physician office laboratory. Also covers how to monitor each probe, and how to document findings and corrective actions.