Repayment demand? Build a solid appeal strategy!

Has your practice received a recoupment demand letter from Medicare or a private payer? If so, then getting your repayment drastically reduced or eliminated entirely is your top priority. We’d like to help!

We don’t have to tell you about the injustices infecting our current healthcare system. Medicare and Medicaid are providing financial incentives to contract auditors based on the amount of money they recoup. They equip these commission-based auditors with sophisticated tools that they may or may not fully understand. The funds these auditors attempt to recoup are often revenue that was legitimately earned by hard-working physicians like you. Commercial payers are riding on the coattails of this trend with their own recoupment programs.


  • $11 million Medicare Refund Demand – Reduced to $3,000 and Payment Suspension Lifted
  • $14 million Medicare Refund Demand – Reduced to $233
  • Provider Serviced with 125-Year License Suspension – Case Dismissed & Provider Reinstated

A winning strategy includes expert auditors

It’s crucial that have a sound recoupment appeal defense strategy with experienced auditors who possess a deep understanding of audit appeals. With DoctorsManagement, you gain access to a team of experts in auditing, coding and documentation, audit appeals and defense, medical necessity and regulatory compliance.

Unbiased fact over interpretation

Medical coding is not based on interpretation. There are specific guidelines for medical coding and documentation, and auditors who use interpretation as an excuse for ambiguity in their auditing assessments and reports have no place in your appeal strategy!

Our team works from fact. They strictly adhere to the most current guidelines and deliver reports that can be fully defended. Our auditors understand that they are protecting thousands or millions of dollars of your hard-earned revenue, and they leave no room for argument on medical necessity. Our focus is to ensure that the audit results help reduce the recoupment demand to as close to zero as possible!

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