COVID-19 Business Response & Recovery Plan for Medical Practices

COVID-19 Business Response & Recovery Plan for Medical Practices

Your practice can survive and thrive after COVID-19

At this unprecedented time, practice owners must maneuver a host of unique and complex decisions. Maintaining a healthy medical practice beyond the coronavirus pandemic means you’ll have to make educated decisions in a timely manner.

Some practices scaled back and some temporarily closed their brick-and-mortar offices. Many embraced Telemedicine, which was thrust upon providers and extenders along with very confusing guidelines about the credentialing and licensure requirements. Additionally, the numerous sources of governmental loans urged physicians to make swift decisions that could have negative consequences.

The business decisions you make in response to the coronavirus pandemic will impact your practice and profits for years to come.

Protect Your Medical Practice Beyond COVID-19

DoctorsManagement’s in-house team of experts can help with your COVID-19 disaster response and recover plan.  to help medical practices weather this pandemic storm.

Together, we can help you:

  • Assess your financial position to determine the immediate actions required.
  • Determine which loan option(s) will best serve you based on your cash flow requirements and business objectives.
  • Assist with report preparation for PPP loan forgiveness documentation for receiving employer payroll loan forgiveness.
  • Maintaining compliance with the new FMLA and expanded sick leave act.
  • Navigate Telehealth requirements and updates for physicians and extenders.
  • Handle employee furloughs, layoffs, rehires, and reopening.
  • Determine the appropriate course of action for handling highly trained and specialized staff (that may be difficult to replace).
  • Communicate your recovery plan to staff and patients in a way that fosters confidence and loyalty.
  • Position your practice “ahead” of the inevitable market changes to ensure a healthy, viable post-pandemic practice.

Gain access to an experienced team of collective resources

Unlike a local consultant or accountant, our team includes JDs, MBAs, and CPAs who possess countless hours of combined experience helping healthcare facilities of all sizes and in all specialties. Combined with the firm’s in-house experts in taxes, finance, operations, human resource management, regulatory compliance, credentialing as well as coding and documentation, our consultants are helping physicians make informed decisions about how to navigate the pandemic with a sense of confidence. DM employs in house staff that focuses exclusively on just about every aspect of medical practice management, including:

Exclusively focused on medical practice management

  • Taxes
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Credentialing
  • HR Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Coding & Documentation
  • OSHA, HIPAA, CLIA Compliance

Protect your medical practice with reliable guidance from experienced experts

We understand that you need fast answers in order to ensure the long-term viability of your practice while still serving your patients and community, where possible, and in a safe and effective manner.

Contact us to discuss a COVID-19 disaster recovery plan for your practice. We’re offering a substantial discount on our consulting services to help physicians navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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