Financial Planning Dentists

In today’s fast-paced business world, we know the only real constant is change. Because of our fluctuating society, tax laws, retirement plans and corporate structure have become more and more complex in the last decade.

We realize that in addition to your financial, retirement planning, tax, corporate and partnership needs, you also need ongoing practice management and administrative service to keep pace in our fast-track world.

“But I already have an accountant…”

What separates DoctorsManagement from accounting and financial services firms is the regularity of our consulting visits and the knowledge we gain about the ongoing financial management of your practice. These regular consultations help us identify areas of your practice needing improvement rather than simply “putting out fires” as so often is the case. Our objective is to allow you to have total peace of mind regarding the financial and practice management aspects of your practice.

Our full staff of consulting and accounting professionals gives your consultant an edge over others as they have access to a vast pool of knowledge within their own firm. While no single firm or individual can have the expertise to answer all your needs, the strength and versatility of the DoctorsManagement team, helps ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner.

With increased complexity and outside interference from third-party payers, only dental practices that remain administratively efficient and fiscally strong will thrive. With over 60 years experience, DoctorsManagement is dedicated to helping you succeed in private practice.

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