Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Practices and physicians are exposed to many financial risks when it comes to practice management, retirement planning, and investments.  DoctorsManagement has partnered with SageView Advisory Group for over 20 years because of their experience and fiduciary commitment to serving high net-worth physicians, practice employees, and retirement plan participants in healthcare. The firm offers a wide range of support in both Private Wealth and Retirement Plan Management and is well equipped to advise you on the financial goals you have as an individual investor or as a business owner.

Topics covered within your financial plan:

  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Risk and Insurance Planning
  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
  • Estate and Tax Planning Coordination
  • Fiduciary Advice and Goals Planning

We take time to learn your objectives, so your financial plan is aligned with your practice and personal goals. We will design a customized strategy to meet your unique needs by thoroughly assessing your financial outlook and risk tolerance. We will make certain you thoroughly understand your retirement plan, your investments, and the risks associated with each by issuing ongoing reviews and active management of your investments.

In addition to your financial planners, we can also offer a network of referrals for attorneys and other professionals that will work with your DoctorsManagement CPA to assist you with your overall plan.

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