Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Confused by HR Management and Compliance Issues?

Free yourself from HR burdens and focus on the clinical operations of your practice. With DoctorsManagement’s HR support services, you gain access to big company HR management strategies from professionals with extensive experience in medical practice management. Our experts provide HR services for hundreds of medical practices and offer a full menu of services and products that help take your practice to the level of professionalism you strive to achieve.

Our services include:

  • Recruiting Services
  • New Hire Kits
  • Job Descriptions
  • Background Checks
  • Wage & Benefit Reviews
  • Staff Development Training
  • Employee Performance Appraisals
  • Toll-free Support Hotline
  • Forms & Labor Posters
  • Best Practices Surveys
  • Customized Employee Handbooks

The Human Resource Management Survey

Would you like to know the health of the various functions within your organization?

Much like an audit of your financial or coding and billing systems, a human resource survey measures the health of your organization’s human resource function.

We examine the major aspects of human resource management within your medical or dental practice management to identifies strengths, weaknesses, and areas where improvement may be warranted. A human resource survey is much like an annual medical examination. It serves as a good preventive checkup to help insure good health. Many annual examinations have saved a person’s life. An HR survey can provide an evaluation of the health of the human resource function in your medical practice.

Scheduled at your convenience, the survey can be comprehensive, evaluating each human resources area, or customized to specific areas of concern. Pre-survey requests enhance the completion of the survey and reduce the need for staff’s valuable time. Visits typically take one day. A sampling of employees selected at random are interviewed. A written report is provided following the survey.

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