Financial Planning and Asset Protection Solutions

Losing their hard-earned money is one of the biggest risks most physicians face. While the risk of malpractice lawsuits is something on the minds of all physicians, few have adequately considered the numerous other risks that can have an equally devastating impact on their financial well-being—risks like fiduciary lawsuits related to their practice’s retirement plan, unhedged investment losses, unmitigated taxes, divorce, and more. Who can you trust to provide objective and unbiased advise on these and other financial matters?

DoctorsManagement has partnered with the SageView Advisory Group for more than 20 years. SageView is a leading independent investment advisory firm specializing in the management of retirement plans for businesses and the provision of Private Wealth Services to high net worth individuals, especially physicians. The firm’s Private Wealth Services includes a secure, encrypted website built just for you–a single online portal where you can access all of your accounts, view your important documents, analyze your constantly updated financial planning projections, and even communicate directly with your advisor.