Audit Services

Audit Services

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Audit Findings Analysis

Claim line-level point-by-point review observations and recommendations to include Precision Scoring


Audit Findings Overview Sample

This optional report includes a findings and recommendations overview per provider


Order of Operations & Project Expectations

Information for project forecasting for efficiency and flow of operations



Facts and information to better understand our Audit Services


Sample Training

Investing Through Assessment: A Unique Perspective to the Audit Purpose & Process

This session will provide you 5 tips on how to take an audit performed internally or by a third-party organization from a to-do list chore to an investment resource that your providers will look forward to each year.


Team Bios

Team approach to each project to ensure quality and the repeatability of the work product


Audit Sample Information

NAMAS provides information on the best ideas for a sample and selection of charts for each project.

This training event is approximately 60 minutes long and provides detailed guidance on the varieties of types and sample approaches to an audit.

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