Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Get a Strategic Plan Custom Built for Your Medical Practice

DoctorsManagement is a unique medical and dental practice consulting firm in that we employ experts in just about every aspect of practice management. Access to so many resources enables us to help clients increase profits, improve patient and employee satisfaction, and reduce stress for the provider(s) and staff.

How It Works

Our first step with you as a new medical or dental consulting client is to perform a comprehensive review of your practice. To put the concept in medical terms, it is the equivalent of a complete history and physical on your practice. From this review we develop a strategic plan; or we will review the one you already have in place. Whether you think you are in wonderful shape or whether you are in significant financial or operational pain, our medical and health care practice management consultants will examine every aspect of your practice and report their findings.

Once we have identified the areas of priority within your medical practice, we effect changes through the DoctorsManagement Easy Management System (EMS). This is our treatment for the most common ailment among physicians – the struggle between being successful in medical office practice life and enjoying personal life. The words “easy” and “management” usually are not used in the same sentence when part of your life is spent in a medical practice. The Easy Management System, for dental or medical office management, helps smooth the peaks and the valleys in your stressful professional environment and helps you enjoy both your practice and your personal life.

You Always Remain in Control of Your Practice

DoctorsManagement does not own medical practices; we provide management services for your medical office. We always work for the physicians; they never work for us. You are always in complete control of your medical practice. We are the consultants who help you decide what needs to be done AND the dental and medical office practice management team who helps you accomplish your goals. You look to us to “make it happen.” We constantly bring new and better ideas to you in order to constantly move your physician or dental practice forward to the proverbial “next level.”

A Medical Practice Manager’s Best Ally

We work very closely with the practice manager.  The practice manager may be our employee or yours – it’s your choice. Often you have a very capable manager in place, but he or she is simply overwhelmed with everything required of medical practice managers today. We surround the manager with our team of medical practice specialists coordinated by one of our Senior Management Consultants. Some medical practices have either lost a manager or think that their current manager has reached a level of management beyond their capability. In those cases, we help find the right person who has the dental or medical practice management experience and who, again, will be employed by either DoctorsManagement or the practice – your call.

We Support Your Continued Growth

EMS involves periodic on-site visits to the medical practice by most of the DM management team and constant communication via phone, e-mail and video conferencing. Help for the manager is just a phone call away. At monthly business meetings with the physicians, the consultant team leader and the manager will set priorities for the short, intermediate and long-term goals. Physicians look to DoctorsManagement to plan and execute the game plan for achieving your medical or dental practice management goals. You can focus on practicing medicine and leave the problems of medical office practice management to us.

What to do next…

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Why do thousands of providers and practice managers turn to DoctorsManagement for help improving practice operations?

Focus – our consultants focus exclusively in healthcare and are backed by a team of in-house experts in virtually every aspect of medical practice management. You receive recommendations that can provide relief in the short-term and help position your practice for long-term growth.

Success – our consulting team has worked with practices of all sizes and in just about every medical specialty. From overall consulting to coding and compliance to credentialing and human resource management, providers across the country rely on DoctorsManagement to help them improve practice performance and achieve the level of success they desire.

Synergy – as a full-service healthcare consultancy firm, the departments within our firm work together to help clients rise above the complexities that come with delivering healthcare in today’s market. As a result, you receive expert input from a team of individuals who are current on every aspect of the business of medicine.

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